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Medical Offer

The medical offer of Puebla is integrated by high specialty hospitals, qualified by the General Health Council, which have state-of-the-art technologies and certified medical specialists who work in an interdisciplinary and protocolized manner to shield a safe and high quality care.

Joint replacement surgery
Also called Arthroplasty, it is the removal of damaged joints and their replacement by artificial joints, made of chromium, cobalt and titania, along with plastics of can density.

Spine Surgery
It can be performed for problems of discs that are between the vertebrae for the removal of excessive bone growths, as treatment of fractures, to relieve pressure on the nerves when the ducts have narrowed, etc. There are different types of surgeries, but each of them is used according to the comprehensive assessment of each case.

Aesthetic surgery
The goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve the appearance of a person, it can be performed on any part of the body. Face, ears, eyelids. Neck, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, legs, etc.

Cardiological procedures
We offer the realization of all the most advanced procedures for the treatment of the different problems of the heart with equipment and last generation, such as placement of aortic valves, placement of pacemakers. Stents, catheterizations, re-vascularization surgery. We also perform surgeries to correct heart defects at birth or in the first years of life.


Neurological surgery

Neurological surgery is used to manage diseases such as hydrocephalus, alterations of the blood vessels that reach the brain (aneurysms), tumors, infections or cerebral hemorrhages, as well as head trauma.


Angiology and vascular surgery
Peripheral vascular surgery involves treating diseases of the peripheral arteries without surgically opening the leg or arm. The goal is to restore blood flow to the lower extremities, eliminating pain, numbness or the need for amputation.

Bone marrow transplant
It is a surgical procedure that involves placing a healthy kidney from a living or deceased donor, in a person whose kidneys no longer function properly. In the hospitals of Puebla, doctors from various specialties work together, as a team, to prepare the patient before the transplant, perform the surgery safely as well as care for and accompany the patient after the transplant. With this protocol we have obtained favorable results.

Diagnosis and oncological treatments
We offer a comprehensive and protocolized management to cancer patients, provided by an interdisciplinary team to make the precise diagnosis (nuclear medicine, PET-CT, molecular pathology, etc.) and offer individualized treatment to each patient, in all the modalities that may be required (chemotherapy, oncological surgery with robot, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, among others); it has specialists trained in the areas of surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine, molecular pathology, psychology and oncological nutrition.

Bariatric surgery
Bariatric surgery makes changes to the digestive system to help you lose weight. It is done when diet and exercise have not worked or when you have serious health problems due to weight. It significantly reduces the risk of weight-related health problems, such as diabetes, hypertension and regulates the substances responsible for controlling appetite and insulin. Therefore, after the operation, it will decrease the person's appetite and improve their insulin resistance.

Body contouring surgery after massive weight loss.
It is the surgery that reduces the excess skin and fat that remains after a great weight loss. It aims to restore aesthetic proportions, removing sagging skin around the face, neck, upper arms, breasts, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

Parkinson's surgery
Parkinson's is currently an incurable disease, but surgery achieves a regression of the condition, improving the quality of life of patients, since there are improvements in movement, as well as a decrease in stiffness and tremors, in addition to reducing medication. The latter avoids psychiatric side effects of medications.

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